Avoid Costly Shutdowns with IDCON Training


TAPPI and IDCON are working together in partnership to help industry professionals improve their reliability and maintenance practices. One area of great concern for many companies is shutdowns.

Many companies spend too much of the maintenance budget on shutdowns that waste resources.  Additionally, turnarounds represent a significant source of downtime for the workforce.

IDCON's "S-TOP" course teaches you how to stay on budget and minimize downtime by using a six-step process. Register for this October course today to reserve your seat!

IDCON Shutdown Turnaround Optimization Program
October 29-30, 2019
Raleigh, North Carolina

By reviewing the why and how behind shutdown/turnaround stages, you can learn how to do the right actions, use the correct tools, and optimize your resources.

IDCON courses are priced at $989 per student per course. This price includes all materials, lunches and breaks.

TAPPI's 2019 Training
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