Exclusive Interview with Mark Bond of Sustana Fiber

“Today’s consumers are more issue-driven than ever before. They are looking for brands who support their core values, and one of their top concerns is the environment. As a result, many consumers have been looking to businesses to step up and are choosing to support brands that offer sustainable practices.”Mark Bond, Sustana Fiber

With the expected continued growth in packaging, consumers and sustainable companies will continue to demand a transition from packaging material disposal to packaging material recycling and re-use. They want transparency in supply chain decisions and support companies that have shifted to a circular supply chain.

This fall, attendees of Specialty Papers US, September 30 – October 2, 2019 in Milwaukee, WI, can hear more about the circular supply chain during Mark Bond’s presentation, “A Closed Loop Fiber Future: Developing a Sustainable, Circular Supply Chain.” Bond, Recycled Fibers Sales Manager at Sustana, will discuss initiatives to close the loop in fiber-based packaging and opportunities and challenges with developing of a circular supply chain.

Recently, Specialty Papers US producer, Rebecca List, sat down with Mark to discuss Sustana's efforts in developing a sustainable circular supply chain.

Specialty Papers: Your presentation at this year’s Specialty Papers US conference will discuss the development of a sustainable, circular supply chain. Why is it important for others in your industry to hear this message? What are some of the key takeaways?

Mark: Implementing sustainable practices can add to brands' overall value. Consumers want a company’s sustainability efforts to be obvious and visible to them and they are putting their money behind it. Studies are increasingly showing consumers will leave a brand based on values and global consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable goods. Across the board, they are demanding eco-friendly business practices, and sustainable packaging demonstrates a deeper level of commitment —one that is tangible and that customers can literally hold in their hands, like packaging.

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Specialty Papers US is considered the premier event in North America dedicated to the specialty papers industry. With the theme, The Sustainable Future of Specialty Papers, the program focuses on the emerging importance of environmentally conscious products. Session topics include biodegradable coatings, nanocellulose, grease barrier technology, sustainable solutions, improving printability, market place changes, end-of-life solutions, and emerging applications.

The 2019 program features expert speakers from The U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Cascades-Sonoco, FiberLean, Metsä Board, Novolex, Evonik Corporation, Sustana Fiber, Waste Management, Michelman, Solenis, Kotkamills Oy, and more. The Conference is organized by TAPPI and Smithers Pira.

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