Young Professionals Community Announces Relaunch

Young Professional Division has relaunched their dedicated online Community.   


Jump in and start a conversation with peer!


This unique, industry-focused platform is where Young Professionals can participate in technical discussions with other young professionals, industry peers and content experts.

It provides a platform to post questions and find answers. Users can customize how they participate; through a daily digest, or in real time – all with a single login.


Benefits of using this online Community:

  • Maintains dedicated conversation text strings

  • Easy to navigate

  • At your fingertips with any browser or smart-phone.

Official relaunch started Friday, June 21 and more than 75 convesations are already underway.

Young Professionals can get started anytime by visiting the Young Professionals Division Community page and signing-in (or create a user name and password). From there, scroll down and see the latest conversations, listed with the most recent on top. Click through to the conversations that interest you, reply, endorse an existing reply (by clicking on “recommend”) or start your own conversation.

For more information and technical assistance contact Kristin Whitman at [email protected]