Free TAPPI Webinar – Assessing and Improving Paper Machine Clothing

TAPPI is pleased to announce the latest free webinar on January 22 at 12:00p.m. EST called Assessing and Improving Paper Machine Clothing. This webinar is being presented by TAPPI’s Papermaking Technology and Operations Committee (PTOC).

While this presentation is designed with papermakers in mind, everyone is welcome to attend. This webinar will explore several topics in the paper machine clothing (PMC) industry, such as :

  • Quick fixes for common PMC-related issues in order to have the machine set up and running efficiently
  • Understanding what data to monitor and how to support suppliers to provide better fabrics for more structural improvement of the machine

Throughout this discussion, attendees will receive hands-on tips and tricks on how to increase a machine’s bottom-line via means of better-performing felts and fabrics.

 Based in the Netherlands, Marcel Lensvelt will host this presentation. As founder and CEO of Feltest Equipment BV, which focuses on improving the performance of paper machine clothing in benefit to papermakers, his major responsibilities involve overseeing long-term strategies and product development. In addition to his education with degrees in both mechanical engineering and business administration, Marcel brings over twenty years’ worth of industry experience, having started as a sales and service agent up to his current position. Since 2008, he has been continuously striving toward instituting new products and processes aimed to drive innovation in the paper machine clothing industry.

Attendance is free, but registration is required. Reserve your space today.