Exceptional Training Delivered by TAPPI and IDCON

TAPPI is working together again with IDCON in 2019 to bring you a combined set of courses designed to help you improve manufacturing reliability and lower costs.


Work Management Planning & Scheduling
January 28-29 | Raleigh, NC
Offers training on reliability and maintenance best practices to help you better manage job responsibilities, coordination of schedules, preparing work orders and much more.

Shutdown Turnaround Optimization Program
January 30-31 | Raleigh, NC
Covers a six-step process that helps you take the right actions, use the correct tools, and optimize your resources to stay on budget and minimize downtime.

Materials and Spare Parts Management
February 11-12 | Raleigh, NC
Learn how to reduce maintenance costs, time, and parts inventory through better decision making and by developing effective work processes.

Equipment Reliability Week
March 18-22 | Raleigh, NC
Topics include building partnerships to support equipment reliability, selecting the right maintenance method for optimizing equipment reliability, developing a Preventive Maintenance pilot and more. Limited to only 30 attendees.

Register Now – www.TAPPI.org/IDCON2019
IDCON registration is priced at $989 per student per course, which includes all materials, lunches and breaks. TAPPI Members save $250 off registration pricing.

Take a few moments to review the comprehensive schedule of face-to-face training events planned in 2019 at TAPPI's Event Calendar.