New from TAPPI Press: Kraft Recovery Boilers, 3rd Edition

TAPPI Press is pleased to announce the release of Kraft Recovery Boilers – 3rd Edition, the much anticipated update of the previous bestselling textbooks by the same name. 

This edition brings together the previous work and the research of the past 20 years from organizations such as the Renewable Bioproducts Institute (formerly Institute of Paper Science and Technology), Åbo Akademi University, Aalto University, and the University of Toronto into a single, integrated, coherent portrayal of recovery boiler technology.

The third edition is edited by Honghi Tran, Ph.D., a professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, the Frank Dottori Chair in Pulp and Paper Engineering, and the Director of the Pulp & Paper Centre at the University of Toronto.

Eight experts who have served alongside Tran as instructors of the TAPPI Kraft Recovery Operations Course for many years coauthored the book.  It contains sixteen chapters, covering various aspects of recovery boiler technology, such as:

  • Chemical Principles
  • Black Liquor Properties
  • Sprays and Combustion/Char Bed Characteristics

In addition, it also covers a wide range of operating issues including:

  • Fouling and Plugging
  • Sootblowing
  • Corrosion and cracking
  • Particulate and Gas Emissions
  • Safety
  • Equipment Design and Control Principles
  • Material and Energy Balances

Like the previous two editions published over two decades ago, this book is sponsored by the Recovery Boiler Program R&D Subcommittee of the American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) and published by TAPPI Press.  


Learn more and order your copy of Kraft Recovery Boilers, 3rd Edition today.