Paper360 Better Together Podcast Debuts

TAPPI’s Paper3600 Magazine announced in September the debut of a new monthly podcast series: Better Together: Conversations with Innovative Leaders.

Hosted by Paper3600 Editorial Director Jan Bottiglieri, Better Together offers engaging conversations with the most innovative leaders in the pulp and paper industry through wide-ranging interviews on current topics relevant to listeners at every stage of their careers. New episodes will air every month at, as well as on popular podcast platforms such as Apple, Google, Spotify and more. Listeners can expect upbeat, engaging conversations about some of our industry’s most critical issues, including safety, leadership, and new technology.

“Podcasts have grown significantly in importance as a learning channel over the last several months,” noted TAPPI President and CEO Larry Montague. “As a knowledge-sharing organization, we are always looking for ways to expand learning opportunities for our members, and the industry at large, to keep us connected, help with challenges, and identify new opportunities in this new normal environment.”

The first podcast, which aired October 1, featured an interview with Matt Elhardt, Vice President, Global Sales, Fisher International. Mr. Elhardt shared his thoughts on the ripple effect the pandemic is having on the market, its impact on away-from-home (AFH), at-home (AH), and communications paper products, and how the industry is adapting to the work-from-home (WFH) shift. Additionally, he talked about current market uncertainties, scenario planning, driving decisions using data, and also the role of the industry as an integral part of the circular economy and sustainably supported future. “With the public catching up to the idea that we are a renewable and sustainable industry, we’re very optimistic about the future,” he concluded.

Editor Bottiglieri offered, “Matt’s insights were a great way to kick off this series. Our goal is to give our listeners access to some of the best minds in the industry and hear answers to some of the questions that everyone is talking about – and we’ll do it in 30 minutes. We’ll focus on the benefits of knowledge-sharing and connection – that’s what the Better Together podcast is all about.”

Listener engagement will be supported through TAPPI Connect, where fans of the podcast can go to post questions, share dialogue with other listeners, and further explore each episode’s topic and take-aways. The TAPPI Connect online platform (at is open to TAPPI members and non-members interested in expanding their industry network.

Better Together: Conversations with Innovative Leaders will air the first Thursday of every month, and can be streamed any time after the initial airing by going to For more information, or to inquire about appearing on the show, please contact Bottiglieri at [email protected] To sign up to receive the podcasts once they are posted, visit, or any of the popular podcast hosts, including Apple, Spotify, Google and Amazon Alexa and enter Better Together: Conversations with Innovative Leaders.