GridBeyond Joins TAPPI as a Sustaining Member

TAPPI has announced that GridBeyond, the global leader in intelligent energy technology for C&I and Distributed Energy Resource Management (DERM), has joined TAPPI as a Sustaining Corporate Member. GridBeyond supports large energy users, including wood, pulp and paper businesses, in improving their bottom line through new revenue streams, savings and operational efficiencies.

Wayne Muncaster, Vice-President for Grid Beyond North America, commented: “Energy is one of the largest costs for wood, pulp and paper mill operators and as such it needs to be carefully managed, especially during times of economic uncertainty,” said Wayne Muncaster, Vice-President for Grid Beyond North America. “This is why we are excited to have joined TAPPI to support members with our expertise and energy market insights. As businesses look for ways to improve their bottom line and recover from the impact of the pandemic, energy markets provide opportunities to create new streams of income, enhanced savings and increased environmental credentials.

Assets used by wood, pulp and paper businesses are typically highly flexible in their energy consumption, and therefore perfectly positioned to participate in energy services. By connecting debarkers, chippers, grinders, refiners, paper machines, on-site generation and storage, to our intelligent energy technology platform, businesses can access new revenue streams, cheaper power and increase their operational resilience. All without any impact on production or capital expenditure budget.”

In welcoming Grid Beyond to TAPPI Sustaining Membership, President & CEO Larry Montague said,

“TAPPI’s Sustaining Members represent a wide range of exceptional companies, both from within and without our diversified industries. Visionary companies like GridBeyond understand the value of relationship building, as well as the types of scientific, technical and educational resources TAPPI offers their employees as they strive to dig deeper and share more about how energy creates opportunities for the industries we serve. We welcome them as a valued addition to the TAPPI family of Sustaining Members.”

GridBeyond harnesses the power of AI technology to connect large energy consumers and their assets; including on-site demand, energy storage, generation and EV charging, to the award-winning Point platform. The platform enables participation in energy services including demand response, smart tariffs, energy trading and peak cost avoidance, and provides access to a range of monitoring tools to enhance business resilience and operational integrity.