Mentor Match: Grow Your Career on TAPPI Connect

Start 2021 off by investing in your career, or paying it forward! 


Become a Mentors and Protégés on TAPPI Connect's Mentor Match


Mentor Match, TAPPI’s popular networking platform, connects students, young professionals, and experienced professionals to share resources and experiences, and work together to achieve professional and personal goals. 


Protégés can utilize Mentor Match to ask technical questions or seek advice on business interactions or career paths.  Mentors can help new engineers learn key technical concepts, identify useful technical resources, and give advice on career development.


Why use Mentor Match? It offers a real world education that is often not available in academic settings, and creates connections that are not often available on job sites.


What is a Protégé? A young professional, student – or any established professional that wants to work with someone to grow and develop new skills and insights.


What is a Mentor? A professional with 5+ years job experience that is willing to help guide and enlighten future industry experts – or a Young Professional willing and able to help students as they begin to plan their career and transition out of school.


How long does this match last?  Mentor Matches will be connected for approximately six months and participants can communicate however they choose; through TAPPI Connect, phone, Skype or email.  


What time commitment is involved?  We recommend that mentors and protégés spend one hour per month communicating.  


How to you get started? Visit Mentor Match at TAPPI Connect to get started.


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