TAPPICon 2021 Registration is Now Open

Experts understand one critical factor to industry success is the sharing of knowledge and technologies. This couldn’t be more important than now as we continue to deal with the ramifications of a global pandemic. TAPPI’s newest conference, TAPPICon 2021, was developed to provide professionals from around the world a platform to discuss critical issues, new advancements/technologies and strategies for future success. The Conference brings SIX key industry segments together for ONE interactive event. Now you can be part of it. Register today.

On April 25-28, 2021, leaders from paper, tissue, nonwovens, maintenance/reliability, recycling, and women in industry will connect over a myriad of relevant and timely topics within each segment. Featuring a comprehensive, peer-reviewed technical program, networking opportunities and exhibits, the Conference allows industry professionals to safely get the valuable industry-specific information they need – at one time, in one place.

Comprehensive Program
Developed by technical experts and business leaders in the industry, TAPPICon pulls together key industry information into one comprehensive program that includes topic-specific tracks: Coating & Graphic Arts, Nonwovens, Papermaking, Papermaking Additives, Papermaking Fundamentals, PIMA Management, Process Control, Maintenance & Reliability, Recycled Paperboard, and Tissue. TAPPI’s Women’s Summit, Advanced Coating Materials and Operations Course and Tissue 101 Course will also be held during TAPPICon. Attendees can customize their experience to best fit their needs.

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TAPPICon Keynote
Karen Dillon, former editor of Harvard Business Review magazine and a New York Times best-selling author, will serve as keynote speaker. During her presentation, “The Prosperity Paradox: How to Create Prosperity Through Innovation,” Dillon analyzes and reveals how a global crisis like the pandemic can actually provide fertile sources of innovation. Some of history's most successful innovations have started in extraordinarily difficult times. The key is knowing what you're looking for. And, when innovation takes root - especially in challenging circumstances - prosperity will follow. Her keynote presentation on Monday, April 26 will leave attendees with actionable strategies for developing such innovations in the paper, tissue, nonwovens, recycling and maintenance/reliability industries.

Register by March 26, 2021 and get an Early Bird Discount. TAPPICon also offers mills special discounts to send multiple people or teams.

For more information about TAPPICon 2021, please visit TAPPICon.org.