So many moving parts. So many things can happen.

Rest easy. TAPPI and IDCON are working together to bring you a combined set of courses designed to help you improve manufacturing reliability and lower costs.

Preventative Maintenance Strategies Course
March 16-17, 2020 | Raleigh, NC
This unique approach covers all the basics of preventive maintenance in two days of instruction.

IDCON has implemented hundreds of PM systems worldwide and gained the perspective that even a basic PM system can yield very good results with almost no heavy investment in expensive tools or experts.

You'll cover concepts, such as failure developing, equipment life, inspection frequencies, selection of maintenance methods and documentation methods.

Root Cause Problem Elimination Course
March 18-19, 2020 | Raleigh, NC
No need to rush back when you can learn even more. Stay an additional two days to learn ways that you can put a stop to band-aid fixes and best guesses in addressing problems.

This course delivers a structured approach to problem elimination, documentation methods and implementation strategies.

TAPPI's 2020 Training
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