Explore the Wide Spectrum of Emerging Technologies in Printing

TAPPI is offering an introductory course covering printing basics that will help you launch a strong start to PaperCon 2020.  Plus, you'll have the option of touring the Heidelberg Printing Plant with your attendance at this training event.

TAPPI's Introduction to Printing Course delivers an excellent opportunity to reinforce your knowledge of fundamentals and troubleshooting in paper printing.

The Introduction to Printing Course
April 25-26, 2020 at PaperCon in Atlanta

You Should Attend!

  • The curriculum is taught by the experts from TAPPI’s Coating and Graphic Arts Division.
  • New and emerging digital technologies in UV and LED printing are featured.
  • Training on this topic is scarce and may be the only opportunity you get to receive it!

You’ll Learn:

  • Commercial print methods & equipment
  • Offset & emerging digital technologies 
  • Paper & packaging grades & methods
  • Print and press problems & solutions
  • Predicting & testing print quality 
  • Color perception & color gamut

Who Should Attend?
This course is designed for those who need to understand print quality, attend print trials, trouble shoot print problems or are new to printing operations.

Register by March 27 to save on individual and group rates!