Brush up on essential maintenance skills for better planning.

TAPPI is partnered with IDCON to present A combined set of courses designed to help you improve manufacturing reliability and lower costs - now available online.

Shutdown Turnaround Optimization Program
Now Available Online.

Many industries spend the majority of their maintenance budget on shutdowns while turnarounds are a significant source of downtime. Both affect your bottom line through lost production.

IDCON's Shutdown Turnaround Optimization Program training teaches you how to stay on budget and minimize downtime through a 6-step process that focuses on countdown actions, tools, and resource optimization.

This course aligns with the Work Management Pillar of the Body of Knowledge, participants will receive 12 hours of education.

Work Management Planning and Scheduling
Now Available Online.

Work Management Planning and Scheduling is a cornerstone that enables excellence in uptime, preventive maintenance, stores, utilization of craftspeople, maintenance cost control, coordination of maintenance schedules with production schedules, and involves engineering in reliability and much more.

This course presented by IDCON teaches you best practices from job responsibilities to how to prepare work orders that support reliability and efficiency.

TAPPI Offers Even More Virtual Training!
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