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Do We Need an Industry 4.0 Lexicon?

Held on Wednesday, April 29 from 1:00 – 2:00 PM EST.

Buzzwords that have been used inconsistently to describe capabilities that can be hard to distinguish between other terms and prior technology in the realm of Industry 4.0. For the marketplace to have a clear understanding of what is being offered, PIMA IT Infrastructure SIG intends to provide clarification to ensure the industry knows what is being provided when someone offers these capabilities.

Meet the presenter of the webinar Do We Need an Industry 4.0 Lexicon:

Pat Dixon is a licensed professional engineer in four states, certified project manager (PMP) and President of DPAS-INC, a consulting/contracting firm providing industrial automation and project management services.

We hope that this webinar facilitates better discussion in industry (mitigate confusion), ensures that investments yield the expected results, and refers to the standard in contracts among other development plans.

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