Are You Inspecting Your Yankee Dryer Properly?

The TAPPI Yankee Dryer Safety and Reliability Committee’s Guidelines for the Safe Assessment and Operation of Yankee Dryers is now available from TAPPI Press in both print and digital format. It provides guidelines that will satisfy most existing jurisdictional requirements and will provide documentation of what is understood to be good and prudent inspection practices, based upon accumulated paper industry experience.

This report has been sectioned into Engineering and Design, Maintenance and Repair, Operating Guidelines, and Personnel Safety.

In the chapter on Engineering and Design Guidelines, the committee delves into documentation and records, maximum allowable working pressure, head insulation, sensitive designs, and interlocks. View the Table of Contents

The committee took this into consideration and produced Guidelines for Safe Assessment and Operation of Yankee Dryers, an updated combination of Guidelines for Safety and Condition Assessment (1992) and Guidelines for the Safe Operation of Yankee Dryers (1995), the most commonly used references on Yankee safety and operations guidelines in the tissue industry. This new edition provides updated guidelines relative to steel Yankee dryers, as well as new learnings and recommendations for cast iron Yankee dryers.       

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