Conference Cancellations Affecting How You Share Your Research? TAPPI Journal Can Help.

During these challenging times, it’s reassuring to know that TAPPI Journal’s (TJ) stringent peer-review process and distinguished editorial board of academic and industry experts continue to work cohesively to disseminate scientific and engineering information to advance the industry as it has for nearly 70 years.

TJ’s hybrid-Open Access (OA) publishing model provides TAPPI members’ exclusive first access to the latest year’s research online at no charge, while non-members pay a fee for current articles as before. At the one-year anniversary of an article’s publication, nonmembers gain access to the research at no charge. If your work is published in TJ, the copyright remains with you, and unlike other technical journals, TJ does not require a publication fee. It’s a great way to deliver your research to a global audience of colleagues, peers and employers.

If you need more incentive to submit your research, your paper could be awarded the $2,000 Honghi Tran TAPPI Journal Best Research Paper Prize presented at PaperCon. Submit your research now.