What is Included in Your Recovery Boiler Inspection Plan?

Understanding how kraft recovery boilers work and how they can be maintained and operated efficiently is vitally important to the productivity, profitability and sustainability of kraft pulp mills. Kraft Recovery Boilers, 3rd Edition, a new release from TAPPI Press, can help.

Engineering, technical, and supervisory staff at pulp and paper mills, as well as technical people working in the field will benefit from this must-have resource.

The book includes 16 chapters covering various aspects of recovery boiler technology from chemical principles to black liquor properties, sprays, combustion, char bed characteristics and air delivery. In the table of contents, you can see the breadth and depth of operating issues that the eight authors cover.

In the chapter on Recovery Boiler Inspection and Maintenance, for example, author Douglas Singbeil, BioProducts’ Industrial Sector Leader, provides the background needed to understand and develop an effective inspection plan and shows how boiler operation and design affect the severity of damage. He provides guidance on inspection for damage, along with some common solutions that have been adopted over the years to mitigate problems.

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