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Yankee Dryer: Guidelines for the Safe Assessment and Operation of Yankee Dryers
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Meet the Expert: John HoltonJohnHolton.jpg
John Holton has over 35 years’ experience in the tissue industry. His positions have included management roles in production, engineering, maintenance and Yankee dryer services.

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The latest edition of "Guidelines for Safe Assessment and Operation of Yankee Dryers", a project of the TAPPI Yankee Dryer Safety and Reliability Committee, is now available from TAPPI Press. This book is an updated combination of Guidelines for Safety and Condition Assessment (1992) and Guidelines for the Safe Operation of Yankee Dryers (1995). Order your copy today!

Additional resources on this topic include TAPPI TIP 0425-01.
This Technical Information Paper (TIP) from TAPPI provides guidelines for routine periodic inspection and testing of cylindrical pressure vessels made from gray cast iron (GCI) known as Yankee or MG dryers, used as rotating, steam-heated dryers in paper machines.

The purpose of this TIP is not to provide detailed inspection procedures, but to provide an industry-wide “benchmark” on the scope and frequency of recommended inspections and tests, giving the mill a better understanding so they can better: plan outages, evaluate contractors and identify and rectify problems.