Renewed Focus on Recycled Materials Addressed at Specialty Papers US 2020

Consumers have been paying attention to the broad sustainability issues facing our society today and many expect companies to take the lead on identifying solutions. They are hopeful that businesses will drive social and environmental change, even in the absence of government regulation.

According to Renee Yardley, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Sustana Group, consumers "are demanding environmentally responsible products and services more than ever before." This has driven many big brands to place a new focus on products that use recycled content and “the higher the percentage of recycled content used, the better it can be for the environment.”

According to Yardley, paper-based food-service products, such as cups, cartons, to-go containers, and sandwich wraps, made with 100% recycled fiber have a much lower environmental impact and minimize water, climate change, and energy usage compared to virgin or non-recycled fiber.

Yardley will be speaking at Specialty Papers US 2020, the premier event in North America dedicated to the specialty papers industry. Her presentation will focus on the emerging focus brands are placing on recycled materials due to consumer demands.

Specialty Papers US 2020

For the past 14 years, Specialty Papers US, organized by TAPPI and Smithers Pira, has brought together specialty papers professionals to network with other industry experts, hear ideas from all areas of the supply chain, and gain insight into new innovations and market opportunities that will improve their businesses and this year is no different. The 2020 theme is Specialty Papers in the Modern Era: Uncovering Emerging Opportunities and New Applications.

The program will provide an in-depth view of the current market including industry updates, market analysis, and growth opportunities. It will also feature the latest applications and developments, emerging technologies, and packaging solutions for the modern era.

Attendees can save $300 if they register by the Early Bird deadline of August 14, 2020. TAPPI attendees will receive an additional 15% off their registration by entering codes: SPUS20TAPPI. Register here.

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