PTOC Committee Presents their Papermaking with Nonwood Fibers Webinar

TAPPI continuously chooses to provide informational topics like the Papermaking with Nonwood Fibers webinar. Papermaking with nonwoods is an older technique that hasn't been utilized for a while in North America until recently.  In the present day, the hemp craze has some end users looking for hemp pulp and the sustainability movement has end users looking for something more perceptively sustainable than wood pulp. Meanwhile, plastics free legislation has a wide range of groups looking at food service ware, packing, even straws and six pack rings to be made with nonwood pulp.

The advantages and challenges of Nonwoods will be discussed in this webinar. Attendance is free and open to everyone, but registration is required. Reserve your space today!

Meet Presenter:

Mark Lewis

CEO of Sustainable Fiber Techno

logies and Phoenix Pulp and Polymer

Mark began his education on pulping nonwoods by pulping corn stover working with Dr. Herb Schroeder at Colorado State University 40 years ago. Sustainable Fiber Technologies has developed the Phoenix Process, an environmentally benign method for pulping nonwood biomass materials.  Several facilities have licensed the Phoenix Process, including Fortune 100 companies. He took the technology that he and Herb Schroeder used and made good fiber.  Mark left the University to develop the Phoenix Process.  Currently there are ten former students of his working for Sustainable Fiber Technologies.  The Phoenix Process (TLC process) is being used on a number of various biomass materials in North America and the first mill starting in Europe in 2021. 

Register today for TAPPI's free webinar Papermaking with Nonwood Fibers. Held on Wednesday, July 22nd  at 12:30 PM EST by the Papermakers Technical Operations Committee (PTOC).

Webinar attendance is free and open to everyone, but registration is required.

Reserve your space today!