Don’t Let Corrosion Fall Between the Cracks in Your Recovery Boiler Operations

Kraft Recovery Boilers, Third Edition includes 16 chapters covering various aspects of recovery boiler technology from chemical principles to black liquor properties, sprays, combustion, char bed characteristics and air delivery. Like the previous two editions, this book is sponsored by the Recovery Boiler Program R&D Subcommittee of the American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) and published by TAPPI Press.  

It covers a wide range of operating issues including air emissions, deposit formation and plugging, soot blowers and deposit removal, corrosion and cracking, boiler inspection, safety, design, control principles, and material and energy balances.

In the chapter on recovery boiler corrosion environments, for example, the authors review the principles that control rates of corrosion in kraft recovery boilers and discuss the environmental factors that control corrosion processes in various regions of the boiler and their relationship to recovery boiler operation. Use this resource to gain specific understanding of the causes of corrosion and cracking and develop appropriate strategies to prevent damage and minimize the lifetime costs of the boiler.

Recently Honghi Tran, the book’s editor, participated in an interview as part of the TAPPI Press Virtual Book Launch Party. Watch the interview to hear what he had to say about Kraft Recovery Boilers, Third Edition.

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