Stay Up to Speed: 2020 Coating and Graphic Arts Virtual Event

The Coating and Graphic Arts Committee brings you three experts in the industry to present virtually the C&GA track that was queued up for PaperCon 2020!

Register today for TAPPI’s “2020 Coating and Graphic Arts Virtual Event”. Held on Tuesday, September 1st  from 11AM – 1:45PM EST (pre-recorded).


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Meet Presenter 1:

Tony Lyons, Ph.D.

Paper Lyons LLC

Doctorate degree in Chemical Engineering from Lehigh University


Tony Lyons will be discussing how the desire for more sustainable packaging has led to the development of fiber based packaging materials. Aqueous coatings are a pathway to improve the recyclability of these materials. Pigments used in these coatings can improve the performance of the coating and reduce cost while further improving the recyclability. Mineral Pigments are also considered to be compost neutral. This presentation will be a review of the pigments used in these barrier coatings. He will also provide examples of how the various pigments may perform in a barrier application.

Meet Presenter 2:

Ethan Glor, Ph.D.

Member of the Paper Coatings group at Dow

Doctorate degree in Chemistry from University of Pennsylvania


Ethan Glor will focus on the theory of bimodal spherical packing and demonstrates the predictive nature of packing models on the properties of coating systems containing Hollow Sphere Pigments (HSPs) of two different sizes. He will also examine conditions where the model fails by examining the effect of particle size on coating strength in systems.

Meet Presenter 3:

Brian Einsla, Ph.D.

Applications Scientist at Dow

Doctorate degree in Polymer Science and Engineering from Virginia Tech


Brian will summarize the efforts in testing by evaluating particle size and void fraction along with many coating parameters. Including level of addition, binder chemistry and blends of two HSPs. Brian will also discuss his surprising finds using different binder chemistries.

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