Learn about: Water management model that maximizes asset utilization

A vital role in producing pulp or paper is water treatment assets. Management of those assets poses various challenges, especially with workforce expertise, aging infrastructure and changing regulatory standards. In addition, some external pressures on the industry, such as global shifts in paper consumption habits and environmental constraint have forced mills to adapt.  However, mills have learned to treat a different kind of wastewater or drawing its fresh water from a different source. While reviewing best practices and case studies, this webinar will address common water challenges and the potential strategies to solve them. From small to large mills, this webinar will help you take a proactive stance in water management to consistently improve your business and plant health by reducing your water footprint, reducing wastewater production, and using the right water at the right time.

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Meet Presenter:

Scott Whittaker

VP of Sales, North American Services

SUEZ Asset Services – North American BOO/Mobile/SDI


Scott attended the University of Southern California and graduated with a B.S. degree in chemical engineering in 1982. He then entered the United States Navy as an ensign. While on active duty, Scott completed the Naval Flight Officer program and flew in the P-3C Orion aircraft, first as a navigator then a tactical coordinator/mission commander. He did two deployments to Rota, Spain and one to Keflavik, Iceland. Scott completed his Master of Business Administration degree from The University of Phoenix in 1991 after he resigned his active duty commission in the Navy. After the Navy, Scott went to work for Osmonics as a Field Sales Engineer located in Northern California. Prior to joining Ionics in 2000, Scott worked as a sales manager for Aqua-Chem, located in Wisconsin, and for Samsco in New Hampshire. Both focused on thermal processes. Once with Ionics Scott focused exclusively on ion exchange and membrane applications used to produce high purity water for steam and power generation. In 2006 Ionics was purchased by the General Electric Company and then GE’s water business was purchased by SUEZ in 2017. In his current role Scott is the North American VP of Sales for the SUEZ Asset Services Team.]

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