Difficulty Troubleshooting Your Black Liquor Evaporator?

Engineers and operators involved with black liquor evaporator operations and troubleshooting, Black Liquor Evaporation belongs in your collection.

In addition to being a practical reference, this new release from TAPPI Press also delves into the process-related aspects of evaporator design. Throughout this book, novices and experts alike in pulp mill engineering and operations will find practical examples and clear diagrams of equipment and processes.

In the chapter on design principles and analysis for black liquor evaporation, for example, the author discusses mass and energy balances; evaporator capacity and steam economy; flow characteristics; descriptions of flow patterns in vertical, co-current vapor liquid flow; heat transfer; and provides design principles and industry examples  to consider when troubleshooting evaporation systems. 

Black Liquor Evaporation is available for $125 for TAPPI Members; $163 for non-members. Orders can be placed online or through TAPPIā€™s Member Connection Center, 1-800-332-8686 (US).