What Do You Know About Lime Kilns and Recausticizing?

Lime Kilns and Recausticizing: The Forgotten Part of a Kraft Mill  is designed for entry-level and operating engineers who are new to the industry and serves as an in-depth reference guide and refresher for more seasoned engineers covering an area of the mill that is often overlooked in textbooks.

Compiled by several industry experts who spent a significant portion of their careers working in the kiln and recausticizing areas, the material in this book represents a combination of multiple decades (over a century) of industrial experience focused directly on the lime kiln and the mill’s green and white liquor production areas.

It reviews the entire kraft chemical recovery cycle, lime kiln chemistry and includes 11 chapters dedicated to all areas of the kiln, both process and mechanical. 

Learn about: 

  • Recausticizing chemistry
  • Green liquor scale formation
  • Recausticizing equipment
  • Recausticizing process control
  • Burner operation
  • Alternative fuels
  • Ring and ball formation
  • Slakers and causticizers

The editors worked together to provide a solid theoretical foundation, intermixed with practical operating experiences and troubleshooting guides. 

Lime Kilns and Recausticizing: The Forgotten Part of a Kraft Mill is available in print and eBook formats.