FREE Virtual Event Featuring Experts on Packaging Material Expectations, Recyclability and Barrier Solutions

Registration is now open for a free, virtual event which takes a comprehensive look into packaging material expectations, recyclability and barrier solutions. Hosted by TAPPI's European PLACE, part of the International Flexible Packaging and Extrusion Division, the event features four international subject matter experts and takes place Tuesday, October 19, 2021 from 9:00 – 11:00 AM (ET). While open to all, registration is required to attend this no-fee event.

The event focuses on “Shedding More Light on Barrier Performances” and the different topics will be presented by Andreas Roos, Esra Kucukpinar, Davide Pomati and Guenter Schubert:

Andreas Roos, Ametek, presenting Does Your Package Meet the Shelf Life Requirements Your Packaging Material Promises?
There are many factors influencing the shelf life of packaged food products. In particular, oxygen and water vapor. This presentation shows comparative case studies of both flat packaging materials and finished packages, highlighting differences in barrier caused by defects, and also with regard to the influence of seal seams, corners and closures.

Davide Pomati, Bobst Italia, presenting Flexible Packaging High Barrier Laminate Structures - The Market Changes: Barrier Film or Barrier Paper?
Until now, there has been much talk about changing the face of packaging, but the time has come to define the objectives of flexible packaging. Today’s industry transformation is not about removing plastics, it is about creating new plastics. This presentation discusses different cases of paper-based alternatives for so-called mono material solutions.

Guenter Schubert, Speira GmbH, presenting Challenges in High Performance Extrusion Coating of Thin Aluminum Foil and Barrier
Nowadays, thin aluminum foil is still widely used because it provides the best solution in flexible packaging if an uncompromising barrier is required, or if used together with cardboard for liquid packaging. In this presentation, typical defects in daily-used cardboard packages related to foil integrity are illustrated by means of cross-sectioning and SEM, and their effect upon barrier performance is also evaluated.

Esra Kucukpinar, Materials Development, Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging IVV, Freising, Germany, presenting Barrier Concepts: Paving the Way (or Path) for Recyclability

Registration is now available — secure your opportunity today to join this NO-FEE event.