Looking to Fill in the Knowledge Gaps?

The National Network for Pulp & Paper Technology Training (NPT2) comprehensive eLearning courses are designed to quickly and thoroughly train both new operators and new technical professionals. They can also fill technical gaps for experienced operators so they can better train new operators. These introductory/intermediate-level technical courses are comprehensive in content, and were designed by experienced educators who have taught this content to thousands of mill personnel in over 250 class sessions at 200+ mills and organizations. Individuals can purchase streaming access to the courses directly from tappi.org.

The NPT2 Site and Company Licenses provide unlimited use for training of all employees at your site and the content can be customized to your specific mill, processes, equipment, products and audiences. In addition, the site license includes educational training support including training guides and implementation consult with Dr. Michael Kocurek, Director NPT2 Coastal Alabama.

Courses include :

  • Pulp Manufacturing Technology
  • Paper Manufacturing Technology
  • Recycling Technology
  • Chemical Recovery
  • Environmental Control
  • Pulp & Paper Testing Labs
  • Tissue Manufacturing Technology
  • Wet End Chemistry
  • Coating Technology
  • Paper Machine Optimization


If you are looking for specific information or need a brush-up on a particular component, the courses’ individual modules are also available for purchase. The price for the individual modules has been reduced to $100 for members; $125 for nonmembers (originally $250/$325).

For more information on the NPT2 eLearning courses and how get the customizable training started at your facility, contact the TAPPI Academy training team, [email protected].