Quality Assurance Matters. Do Your Employees Have Immediate Access to TAPPI Standards and TIPs?

Are you looking for an easy, hassle-free way to access TAPPI’s library of Standards, Technical Information Papers (TIPs) and Useful Methods (UMs)? A company license will provide all of your employees with up-to-date access to the most current information.

With an online company license, you get unlimited point-and-click access to more than 500 TAPPI Standards and TIPs for the entire year. Company licenses provide the ability to print and share documents internally without having to obtain copyright releases. Licenses are also available for individual use, too.

Standards are critical because they provide a consensus-based, mutual understanding of testing, processes, and procedures that help the entire Industry. TAPPI Standards or Test Methods are used in labs throughout the world to help companies with quality assurance and overall product quality and development –both are essential for business growth and sustainability.

For more information and to order a company license or an individual license, contact TAPPI Press, [email protected], or by phone at (770) 209-7277. 

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