Are You Ready To Do Things A Different Way?

Too many of us spend much of our time focused on what lies directly in front of us instead of looking to the future. Our attention is directed towards daily challenges and problem solving. We put out one fire only to move on to the next. It is a never-ending cycle, like a hamster on a wheel. Albert Einstein said it best, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

The same is true for the paper industry. We produce paper almost the same way we did 100 years ago, but with faster and more efficient machines. We analyze data to build a picture of the future but never question if that is the best way to shift our industry to the next level. We need to sit back and ask ourselves, “What can we do better? How can we avoid an endless routine?”

Maja Mejsner, PMP, will present “Is It Time to Redefine Papermaking? - Challenges & Ideas for the Future” during TAPPICon VIRTUAL, May 4-5, 2021. During her presentation, Ms. Mejsner will take attendees back 25 years to the Pulp and Paper Industry’s vision of the future and see how accurate those predictions were. She will also discuss how one can help change the industry, focusing not only on technology, fibers, and service but also on staffing and the new role paper has in the economy. According to Ms. Mejsner, “If we want to change our industry, we need to do things a different way.” Attendees will gain insight on where to start.


This year, professionals have the unique opportunity to learn from experts and engage in in-depth conversations both virtually and in-person during TAPPICon 2021 – a two-part technical conference focused on six industry segments: paper, tissue, nonwovens, recycling, maintenance and reliability, and women in industry.

TAPPICon VIRTUAL features four hours of content each day. The virtual program offers participants the chance to select topic-specific sessions that best fit their needs including coating and graphic arts, maintenance and reliability, management, nonwovens, papermaking, papermaking additives, papermaking fundamentals, process control, recycled paperboard, tissue and young professionals. The virtual format allows participants to stay abreast of critical issues and find potential solutions to their unique problems, safely and conveniently from their home, office or mill.

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TAPPICon LIVE!, October 3-6, 2021 in Atlanta, GA, offers a face-to-face event including a comprehensive technical conference, an exhibit hall, courses, and an awards ceremony recognizing Industry leaders. The event provides professionals from around the world a platform to discuss key issues, new advancements/technologies and strategies for future success. It also offers multiple networking opportunities for attendees to reconnect with their peers and build new business contacts.

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Attendees can save 15% off their TAPPICon LIVE! registration and receive an Early Bird discount if they register for both the VIRTUAL and LIVE! programs. That’s more than a $600 savings. TAPPICon also offers mills special discounts to send multiple people or teams.

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