How Well do You Know the Papermaking Process?

Whether you are training or troubleshooting in your mill, teaching a class at a college, or expanding your company resource library, you really should have the Papermaking Science and Technology book series. It is the most comprehensive series on paper making ever written.

The entire paper manufacturing process from wood raw material to end product is deeply examined and fully explained in the 20-volume set by TAPPI’s Finnish partner, the Forest Products Engineers. This collection provides a basis for university-level education, updating training courses, and handbooks for anyone in the industry.

Renowned pulp and paper educator, Distinguished Service recipient and the Paper Industry International Hall of Fame inductee recommends our comprehensive series on making paper.

Mike Kocurek, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Paper Science & Engineering at NCSU, highly recommends this series. “It is the most up to date and single best source that covers the entire spectrum of pulp & paper technology. Its content, visuals and extensive references are excellent. I use many of the visuals while teaching TAPPI’s Introduction to Pulp & Paper Technology course.”

Best sellers from this series include:


Papermaking Science and Technology is truly a must-have collection for your business library, the classroom, and your training departments. Get the entire set or individual your needs and budget allows. Learn more and order here.