Sort out your plans so you can attend in August!

The TAPPI Introduction to Pulp & Paper Technology Course is being offered this summer!

Make plans to attend this training at TAPPI Headquarters in metro Atlanta - August 2-5.

The content is newly updated and presented by three highly respected educators in the industry. This is the most comprehensive introductory short course offering an overview of the entire pulping and papermaking process in only four days.

See the packed course curriculum that draws active participation from many among your peers every year.

TAPPI Introduction to Pulp and Paper Technology Course
August 2-5, 2021
TAPPI Headquarters, Metro Atlanta USA

Get your seat early.
Last year’s event was the largest in more than six years.
If you register now, you’ll be assured a seat among an exceptional panel of instructors who can answer your questions.

What You'll Get!
Attendees will receive expert instruction, a notebook and flash drive filled with 2,200 visuals, a copy of the "Smook Book," considered a must-have by all P&P professionals... and, the Professional Certificate exam to show mastery of the content.

Gain a Mill-Wide Perspective of 'What' Happens in Papermaking and 'Why!'
Learn the entire process of papermaking from raw materials and wood preparation to pulping and finishing.

  • Enjoy greater confidence in your understanding of the pulp and paper processes.
  • Interact knowledgeably with process engineers and operators.
  • Contribute to improvements within your own mill.

This course is ideal for anyone new to pulp & paper, for those who need a refresher and those taking on a new role in mill operations.

Bring your own questions.
A pre-course survey is offered where you can let Dr. Kocurek know why you're attending and the topics you specifically want to learn.

Earn 2.6 CEUs for completion of this course.

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