Keynote Brings Unique, Interactive Format to Women’s Summit

When it comes to empowering people with the tools needed to think innovatively, look no further than Heather Wishart-Smith. As the SVP of Technology and Innovation at Jacobs and Forbes column contributor, Ms. Wishart-Smith brings passion and excitement to the workplace as she shares insight and key techniques on how companies can create an innovative company culture that encourages “thinking outside of the box” and asking “What if?”

“Innovation doesn’t happen by corporate mandate, it happens when people at every level have the courage and feel empowered to reframe the problem, challenge the status quo and try something new,” stated Ms. Wishart-Smith during a recent interview with Jacobs.

As the keynote speaker for TAPPI’s 2021 Virtual Women’s Summit, June 30 from 12pm – 2pm EDT, Ms. Wishart-Smith will present Choose Your Innovation in a unique, interactive format. Attendees will participate by choosing from a variety of topics taken from her Forbes column and have a chance to win prizes during a game of Innovation Bingo played during the presentation.

The interaction continues after the keynote as attendees join their peers in moderated breakout rooms featuring activities centered around innovation. Discussions explore various techniques that encourage divergent thinking and how they can be used successfully in the workplace. Summit attendees will learn strategies to think more innovatively and leave with tools they can apply at work and in their personal lives.

Presented by TAPPI’s Women in Industry (WIN) Division, the Women’s Summit was developed to provide a forum for women and men in the pulp, paper, packaging, tissue and converting industries to discuss topics prevalent and integral to women in today's workforce. With the theme, “Shifting gears through transformative strategies,” the 2021 Summit focuses on using collective ideas and collaboration to help companies and individuals successfully emerge from the challenges of the recent pandemic through innovation.

Open to everyone – TAPPI members and non-members alike - the free event will take place in a virtual setting and registration is required.

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