eLearning Site and Company Licenses

TAPPI Academy eLearning offers both concise and comprehensive training utilizing content from popular TAPPI courses and some of the industry’s leading education providers including Convergence Training, The Packaging School, the National Network for Pulp & Paper Technical Training (NPT2), Finishing Technologies and Kőrber Tissue. TAPPI Academy eLearning courses cover pulping, papermaking, corrugated packaging, tissue, web handling and converting.

Recent additions to the course offerings include streaming access to Dr. David Roisum’s popular winding, web handling and converting comprehensive courses and Kőrber Tissue’s Introduction to Tissue Converting and Introduction to Tissue Packaging.

Company and Site Licenses are available for most eLearning offerings and the NPT2 courses can be customized to meet your organization’s needs.

The NPT2 Site and Company Licenses provide for unlimited use for training of all employees at your site and the content can be customized to your specific mill, processes, equipment, products and audiences. In addition, the site license includes educational support including training guides and implementation consult with Dr. Michael Kocurek, Director NPT2 Coastal Alabama. Earlier this year, Dr. Kocurek was interviewed on TAPPI’s Better Together podcast where he shared his many experiences as well as thoughts on attracting, training and retaining young industry professionals and the myriad of industry opportunities available to them.

Visit www.tappi.org/elearning to learn more about TAPPI eLearning courses. For more information on the NPT2 eLearning courses and how get the customizable training started at your facility, visit www.tappi.org/npt2 or contact TAPPI Press at [email protected].