Bleach Plant Optimization Isn’t Just a Pipe Dream

Mill managers are constantly looking for ways to increase efficiencies and product quality while at the same time reduce costs. Sometimes the answers are just under their noses. An audit can reveal several opportunities to improve operations with little or no capital expenditure. TAPPI’s Pulping, Engineering, Environmental, Recycling and Sustainability (PEERS) Conference highlights how one mill was able to improve its bleach plant operations significantly after implementing recommendations from such an audit.

Annabel Toriany, WestRock, and Philip Sekerak, ERCO Worldwide, will present Bleach Plant Optimization at the WestRock Panama City Pulp Mill as part of the Pulping and Bleaching track at PEERS 2021. Their presentation will highlight how implementing ERCO audit recommendations combined with a Lean Six Sigma project resulted in a 17% decrease in chlorine dioxide use, a 24% decrease in caustic use, and a 68% decrease in peroxide use, all while maintaining final pulp brightness and pulp production rate. Attendees will learn about the bleach plant audit process, the opportunities and how they were identified, and the steps taken by the mill to implement the recommendations.

The Pulping and Bleaching track features three panel discussions: Pine Chemicals Recovery Enhance Revenue, Pulping Yields Bleach Shrinkage, and Pulping & Bleaching. Attendees will also hear expert-led presentations from industry leaders including Valmet, WestRock, Event Capture Systems, SUNY EF, Kaplan Consulting, Xylem, ERCO Worldwide, South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences, Via Separations, NORAM Engineering, IndustriaALL, Aalto University, David Zerr, Future Bridge Consulting Services, and Kaplan Consulting. Session topics include:

  • Pulp and Liquor Improvements
  • Pulping with Better Control
  • Bleach Plant Benchmarking and Optimization
  • Developments in Bleaching

Learn more about the Pulping and Bleaching track presentations and speakers.

PEERS 2021
PEERS, November 7-10 in Atlanta, GA, focuses on the latest advances in technology, as well as fundamental process knowledge and control issues mills face each day. The Conference provides mills and other professionals the opportunity to learn from industry experts in a presentation setting, as well as engage in peer-to-peer discussions during panel sessions, committee meetings and roundtables. PEERS also offers multiple relationship-building events and includes an exhibit floor where attendees can speak with suppliers about the latest technologies and solutions.

PEERS 2021 is co-located with the International Bioenergy & Bioproducts Conference (IBBC) and the International Chemical Recovery Conference (ICRC). Attendees can attend the technical programs for all three conferences for only one registration fee. Mills receive special discount pricing. Register today.

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