One More Month Until the Yankee Dryer Safety and Reliability Committee Meeting

Who is part of the Yankee Dryer Safety and Reliability Committee? An active group of yankee dryer owner/users and service providers who have engaged to reduce delay that causes low productivity and negatively impacts dryer safety and overall business results. The committee's goal is to develop standard practices and visual standards for problems which cause drying system delay and compromise safety across the tissue industry. 

TAPPI's Tissue Division will be hosting the Yankee Dryer Safety and Reliability Committee Fall Meeting at TAPPICon, live in Atlanta on October 7th from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm EST. Yankee dryer experts and enthusiasts attend this meeting to discuss one of the most dangerous and costly areas of a tissue mill, the yankee dryer. Attendance for this event is free and open to everyone, but registration is required.

Your participation in this event gives you the opportunity to order
TAPPI products at a discount when purchased with your registration.

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You can be part of this initiative and get a glimpse of the committee’s activities by participating in this free meeting at TAPPICon. Reserve your space today!