Are You a Yankee Responsible Person?

If you are a Yankee Responsible Person (YRP), a municipal official that make onsite inspections, or an insurance carrier that covers Yankee dryers, Guidelines for the Safe Assessment and Operation of Yankee Dryers is your must have resource.

This report is an updated combination of Guidelines for Safety and Condition Assessment (1992) and Guidelines for the Safe Operation of Yankee Dryers (1995), the most commonly used references on Yankee safety and operations guidelines in the tissue industry.

Its contents are categorized into Engineering and Design, Maintenance and Repair, Operating Guidelines, and Personnel Safety.

This new edition provides updated guidelines relative to steel Yankee dryers, as well as new learnings and recommendations for cast iron Yankee dryers. It is a project of the TAPPI Yankee Dryer Safety & Reliability Committee.

In addition to the book, don’t forget to get a copy of TAPPI TIP 0425-01 which provides guidelines for routine periodic inspection and testing of Yankee or MG dryers used in paper machines. This technical information paper provides an industry wide “benchmark” on the scope and frequency of recommended inspections and tests giving your mill a better understanding so you can better plan outages, evaluate contractors, and identify and rectify problems.    

Guidelines for the Safe Assessment and Operation of Yankee Dryers is available in print or eBook format. Enter promo code FALL25 at checkout and you’ll receive an additional 25% discount with the Fall into Savings Event. Hurry! The offer ends September 30, 2021.