It's About Time! Live, Expert-Led Training in Four Short, Half Days.

TAPPI's Tissue 201: Operations & Runnability Course Delivers Virtual Training and Interactive, Live Discussions

Experts just posted the newly designed course schedule of peer-reviewed training for you.

TAPPI Academy is presenting a four-day training program that fits easily within the busy scheduled of tissue professionals working in operations today. Presentations from a large panel of experts will be conducted during half-day live instruction sessions in only four days.

The Tissue 201: Operations and Runnability Course takes place virtually October 25-28 and registration is open now.

Groups of three or more save more than $100 per person and groups of six or more from one company can save even more. Contact [email protected] for more information on discounts.

The operations-convenient Course Schedule has just been updated online.

What you can learn from this training event?
Tissue operations expert and longtime TAPPI instructor, Jeff Peters, shares his thoughts:

Trends and Techniques
"Manufacturing nationally is dealing with fewer workers and higher workloads... and you may feel that impact. We cover the latest industry technology trends and troubleshooting techniques that help you to get more done with less."

Ways to Save
"The high cost of fiber and chemicals puts a strain on the industry. We will discuss ways to help mitigate those costs."

Training with Your Valuable Time in Mind
"We understand that it's important for you to gain as much knowledge as possible in the shortest amount of time. This training delivers half-day virtual presentations and discussions so you can keep up with your many other tasks.”

Jeff Peters is among more than 10 other exceptional tissue operations experts who will share their experiences and knowledge to help you:

  • Improve tissue quality and consistency
  • Understand contributors to waste and downtime
  • Learn reliability and maintenance best practices
  • Diagnose and troubleshoot problems quickly

TAPPI's Professional Certificate test is offered for this course when you register. The Professional Certificate for Tissue Operations and Runnability demonstrates you are competent in critical tissue manufacturing knowledge. Read about the Professional Certificate.

Who Should Attend?

  • Engineers
  • Machine Supervisors
  • Operators
  • Suppliers or other technical people who are new to tissue grades

Get your registration in before September 23 to save on all rates during the early-bird savings period.