Don’t Run Afoul With Your Pipes

In a complex industry such as pulp and paper, production efficiency and uptime is crucial to success. Every element in the papermaking process is critical and pipelines are no exception. They are a cost-efficient and flexible way for mills to transport crucial process materials and side streams, including black, green and white liquor, bleaching chemicals, and sludges. One pipeline could be critical for the whole production process to work effectively. However, pipelines are vulnerable to blockages and leakages that can lead to shutdowns for cleanouts, costing mills tens of thousands of dollars per hour or more.

While several solutions such as coatings, high-pressure cleaning, and chemical cleaning can be used to reduce fouling, many of them involve manual /mechanical intervention, production lockdowns, or cause harmful chemical emissions that are extremely dangerous to operators in the field. Most also do not sustainably support industrial processes and productivity.

This fall, attendees of TAPPI’s 2022 Pulping, Engineering, Environmental, Recycling and Sustainability (PEERS) Conference will have the opportunity to learn about a cutting-edge cleaning technology that is chemical-free and requires no process downtime. Esteban Soto of Altum Technologies will present Fouling Cleaning and Prevention to Increase Production Uptime in Crucial Pipelines by Using Environmentally Friendly ZPD Ultrasonic Technology as part of PEERS’ Engineering, Reliability, Corrosion & Materials (ERCM) track. During his presentation, Soto will share insights on how ZPD technology can efficiently treat and clean biofilms, biofouling, mineral scaling, and chemical fouling from pipelines. Attendees will also learn how ZPD can help mills avoid unnecessary production interruptions and maintenance stops, negate the risk of chemical residue, and keep different types of pipes free of fouling.

PEERS’ ECRM track addresses key issues and developments in engineering, reliability, corrosion and materials for the pulp and paper industry. Thirteen expert-led presentations will be held within the following sessions:

  • Pump and Pipe Reliability
  • Corrosion Control for Aggressive Environmental
  • Fixed Equipment Materials and Reliability
  • Recovery Boiler Corrosion and Reliability

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PEERS 2022
PEERS, October 30 – November 2, 2022 in Providence, R.I., is considered the premier technical event focusing on the latest advances in technology, as well as fundamental process knowledge and control issues mills face each day. Its comprehensive technical program emphasizes new methods and best practices to help mills optimize operations and reach their sustainability goals. In addition to ECRM, program tracks include: Energy, Recovery, Lime Kiln and Recaust (ERLR); Environmental; Pulping and Bleaching; Recycling; Sustainability; and Nonwood.

With the theme, The Future of Pulp & Paper in a Changing World, PEERS provides mills and other professionals the opportunity to learn from industry experts in a presentation setting, as well as engage in peer-to-peer discussions during panel sessions and committee meetings. The Conference also offers multiple networking events, a New Technology Showcase, and an exhibit floor where attendees can speak with suppliers about the latest technologies and solutions.

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PEERS 2022 is co-located with the International Bioenergy & Bioproducts Conference (IBBC). Attendees can attend both technical programs for only one registration fee. Mills receive special discount pricing.

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