How Are You Sharing Your Forest Products Industry Research?

For more than 60 years, TAPPI Journal (TJ) has been a leading source for the latest and most relevant research in the forest products and related industries. Its stringent peer-review process and distinguished editorial board of academic and industry experts set TJ apart as a reliable source for impactful basic and applied research and technical reviews. Here are some examples from the latest issue:

TAPPI Journal is also 100% Open Access (OA), giving everyone in the industry immediate, free access to TJ articles. This publishing model quickly circulates the latest scientific and engineering knowledge to advance the forest products and related industries. Improved visibility of science promotes more citations for authors, as well as a journal’s reputation. The OA format also assists researchers in meeting funding and grant application requirements. As in the past, copyright remains with the author, and unlike other technical journals, TJ does not require a publication fee.

Prospective authors from academic and research institutions, as well as speakers who present scientific papers at TAPPI conferences, are encouraged to submit their research for peer review and consideration for publication in TJ.

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