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Coating and Graphic Arts


Coating and Graphic Arts

Welcome to our Coating and Graphic Arts Division page. The division is comprised of technical professionals who focus on the materials, equipment and processes for the manufacture, quality control and use of coated papers, paperboard, and other substrates, as well as the use of coated and uncoated materials in graphic arts.

The Common Interest Groups of the Coating and Graphic Arts Division sponsors courses, conference sessions, round tables, and TAPPI Press products as well as offer networking and problem-solving opportunities.

Division Chair: Greg Welsch, Trinseo

Division Vice Chair: Brian Einsla, Dow Chemical Company

Our Coating and Graphics Arts Division is represented annually at TAPPICon.

The Technical Committees of the Coating and Graphic Arts Division work together throughout the year to solve problems, develop technical papers, plan conference sessions, and more.

Each year, the Coating and Graphic Arts Division is proud to provide several awards.

We are proud to provide TAPPI Connect as a centralized, online resource for our members, consultants and volunteers to network, share knowledge, problem solve and collaborate.