SPOTLIGHT: Andrew (Andy) Jones, Ph.D.

Andrew Jones
Professional Member
Cincinnati, Ohio

Andrew "Andy" Jones, Ph.D. has been a TAPPI member since 1986 and during that time has used the technical information acquired and the contacts he's made to help augment a very successful career. Currently he is a Senior Engineering Fellow for International Paper where he serves as Technical Lead for recovery boiler operation improvements, recovery boiler upgrades and environmental compliance. He is also responsible for identifying green energy opportunities for closed pulp and paper facilities.

He earned his undergraduate and master's degrees from the University of Toronto in Chemical Engineering/Pulp and Paper Science and his doctorate from the Institute of Paper Chemistry in 1989. He worked for ABB Combustion Engineering for several years before moving to International Paper. While working on his Ph.D., he went to his first TAPPI Conference in Chicago and has been involved with TAPPI ever since. A multi-published author, his work on recovery boiler operations, emissions and air system designs has appeared in TAPPI JOURNAL and in Pulp and Paper Canada, while the Journal of Pulp and Paper Science has published his articles on recovery boiler operations.

Andy says he uses his TAPPI experience to help IP's mills "go the distance." And, he ought to know. As the current world record holder for the 100-mile Ultra-marathon, he explains, "Ultra-running is a sport where you get out of it what you put into it. The more focused you are, the harder you train, the better your rewards, and that's very similar to what I do which sometimes requires lots of patience and lots of work for quite a long time before the actual payoff."

Q. Why Did You Decide To Join TAPPI?

A. While completing coursework for my Ph.D. at the Institute of Paper Chemistry, my professor Dr. Thomas Grace encouraged me to join because as TPPI membership was a good way to transition into my professional career. I attended my first TAPPI Engineering Conference in 1986 and presented one of the earliest papers on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling of recovery boilers.

Q. Please describe your involvement with TAPPI over the years.

A. As mentioned previously, I presented one of the earliest papers on CFD and since then have served in a variety of volunteer capacities, all of which have helped to enhance and augment my career. From 2004-2008, I served as the Recovery Boiler Sub-committee Chair, and since 2007 have been involved with TAPPI's EPE/PEERS conference, serving as Conference Chairman this year. As Chairman, I worked with a diverse group of volunteers who helped make this PEERS conference one of the best attended yet. Recently I was elected to serve as Engineering Division Chair for 2011-2012 where I will be responsible for leading the Division's activities including PEERS conference planning, awards, appointment of officers and committee chairs, and overseeing the activities of the various Committees within Engineering.

Q. How has TAPPI helped you in your career pursuits?

A. Membership has given me the opportunity to play a leadership role in TAPPI, and that has been a major benefit in my current job responsibilities. The technical knowledge gained by attending conferences and reading TAPPI publications has been pivotal in supporting the mills. Additionally, the many contacts I've made due to my participation in TAPPI activities will serve me well for my entire career.

Q. Tell us about some of your interests outside of TAPPI and your professional life.

A. I am an avid long distance runner with a lifetime best of 2:17:54 in the marathon. I have also run ultra-marathons (further than a marathon) and direct an annual 50 kilometer trail race in Cincinnati.

Q. Can you share a unique or fun fact about yourself?

A. I am the current world record holder for the 100 mile run (12:05) and the 40 mile run (3:45).

Q. Closing sentiments?

A. TAPPI is a great organization and I encourage everyone to get involved!