Cascades Orders Toscotec Supply Dryer Section Rebuild for Packaging (8/08/2018)

Cascades Orders Toscotec Supply Dryer Section Rebuild for Packaging (8/08/2018) 

Mill in Kingsey Falls, Canada will have a "tailor-made" solution that boosts productivity an extra 8%.

Cascades (Montreal, Canada) Packaging Division has reported that it is working with Toscotec (Italy) for support with a major rebuild of the dryer section of PM 1 at the Canadian Kingsey Fall Mill. In view of the challenging targets of the project, Cascades is reported to have decided that Toscotec’s technology was the right match for this rebuild, thanks to the flexibility and high level of customization guaranteed by the Italian supplier with regards to the seamless integration between the existing equipment and the new "tailor-made" solution.

Toscotec’s rebuild will achieve an 8% production increase. The supplier will accomplish this substantial upgrade without increasing the overall length of the dryer section and without increasing the actual width of the dryers’ frame in cross direction. Toscotec’s TTSteelDryer allows what the company touts as better performance numbers in terms of specific evaporation rate, thanks to a design focused on reduced shell thickness.

Due to its shorter taper length, TT SteelDryer dries a wider sheet with the same space requirements of a traditional dryer section. The scope of supply includes a number of TTSteelDryers, specifically designed for an operating steam pressure of 14 barg, as well as doctors, wire tensioning system, guiding, and sheet stabilizing components. Toscotec’s service specialists will also provide supervision, commissioning and startup assistance.

With this new contract, Toscotec reports that it will be strengthening its reputation as a top P&B machinery supplier on technically demanding markets such as North America. In particular, through its ability to supply all-round tailor-made solutions based on the specific features of the existing equipment and to deliver significant upgrades, over the years Toscotec gained the trust of major papermaking producers across the globe.

Delivery is forecast to be within the time-frame of by or before the end of the current month (August 2018).

Established in 1964, Cascades describes itself currently as a company that produces, converts and markets packaging and tissue products that are composed primarily of recycled fibers. The company employs 11,000 employees, who work in more than 90 production units located in North America and Europe.

More information about Cascade Packaging is available online.