MB Bäuerle Offers New Pressure Sealed / Confidential Paper Document Handling System (8/07/2018)

MB Bäuerle Offers New Pressure Sealed / Confidential Paper Document Handling System (8/07/2018) 

As part of a project for a customer, MB Bäuerle (Schwarzwald, Germany) has successfully designed an all-in-one system the company is now publicly advertising. In this type of design, inline production of confidential paper documentation has multiple applications. By using so-called 'Pressure Seal Forms', confidential information (such as PIN or TAN lists) can be produced and sent quickly and efficiently.

The all-in-one system is modular and consists of the following components:

  • Tecnau - Cutting machine TC 1000 F
  • MB Bäuerle - Folding system prestige: FOLD NET 52
  • Paragon - Pressure sealer PSS 880
  • MB Bäuerle - Tandem shingle delivery AM 52.

Documents are fed from the stack to the cutting machine and separated into individual sheets. The sheets are then aligned precisely using the alignment table ART 52 on the fully-automated folding system prestige FOLD NET 52. The folding system is designed to offer maximum operator convenience combined with minimum set-up times thanks to the intelligent machine control, operation via a centrally-located touch screen with integrated job memory, and its high degree of automation. The pressure seal forms are treated with partial, pressure-sensitive glue which means that the glue is only successfully activated precisely when the folded documents are pressed at high pressure in the PS 880 pressing unit, thus sealing the forms with maximum security that includes protection against forging the system style presentation of its secured papers.

System advantages:

  • Can be used with a continuous feed of material or sheets
  • High level of accuracy thanks to the precise alignment of documents
  • Folding system is easy to operate via touch screen
  • Maximum productivity with minimal set-up
  • Multiple applications.