Drenik ND Serbia Starts up New Recard Turnkey Tissue Plant (10/02/18)

Drenik ND Serbia Starts up New Recard Turnkey Tissue Plant (10/02/18)

This turn-key plant is the third one supplied by Recard (Italy) to Drenik ND (Serbia) after PM 1 (2004) and PM 2 (2008). An identical plant will be supplied to Drenik Hungary in 2019.

Recard’s supply included a Crescent Former machine with a 1,850-m/min. speed and 2,850-m/min. format, with a production capacity of 120 metric tpd. It will be fed by two stock preparation lines for virgin fibers and equipped with two rewinders (one pneumatic with one backstand and one hydraulic rewinder with four backstands), complete electrical plant, DAF system, integrated recovery boiler, mist and dust extraction systems, and hall ventilation.

"Drenik Sebia PM 3 synthetizes all Recard’s features—high performances, user friendliness, and energy saving," said Mauro Michelini – GM of Recard. "This tissue plant continues the series of Recard successful startup in which the first reel is perfect and sellable. The accuracy of our projects, the manufacturing quality, and the care we give to the installation, ensure the respect of all customer’s targets."

DRENIK is one of the largest manufacturer of tissue paper in Southeast Europe and consists of a group of industrial and commercial companies in the field of tissue products. The group Drenik DN has more than 700 employees and operates in the two factories—DRENIK Belgrade and DRENIK Hungary.

Besides the Drenik's production and development of the brand's PERFEX and Boni, the factory also produces the private label products for renowned wholesalers, trading companies, and retail chains in Southeast Europe.