Exceptional Material for Shirts Produced Using Unique Cellulosic Nano-Fibers (10/05/18)

Exceptional Material for Shirts Produced Using Unique Cellulosic Nano-Fibers (10/05/18)

Wood might not strike you as the most sophisticated - or comfortable - fabric out there (especially if you tried covering yourself in 2x4s). However, when discussing the clothes of 2018 and beyond, wood, or specifically wood fiber and pulp, is paving the way for garments that are softer, comfortable, and even cleaner than those cotton undershirts you grew up wearing according to an Aug. 30, 2018 report by Science Alert (Dubai, UAE).

RibbedTee has created a line of ultra-soft, breathable, and eco-friendly men's undershirts that are so advanced, Tony Stark would probably throw one on to make sure he's not getting any sweat stains inside his Iron Man suit.

The secret lies with their TENCEL materials, which are derived from sustainable cellulosic fibers.

For those of us not involved in the textile industry, cellulosic fibers are structured from cellulose and are made by dissolving natural materials, like cellulose or wood pulp, and then regenerating them via extrusion and precipitation.

From cotton to modal, there are a number of cellulosic fibers out there, and they're all known for promoting high absorbency, temperature control, soft touch, and even slow growth of bacteria.

RibbedTee manufactures their EVO TENCEL shirts in the US with TENCEL, which is made from sustainable Lyocell cellulosic fibers and excels in all of the above categories thanks to its high absorption capabilities, unique nano-fibril structure, and amazingly smooth surface.

TENCEL's properties reduce a greater amount of moisture formed on its fibers when compared to polyester and synthetics. In addition to keeping you dry, TENCEL's absorbency supports the body's natural thermal regulating mechanism and creates a less favorable environment for bacterial growth.