Spain To Develop Blockchain Solution For Forestry Transparency (10/03/18)

Spain To Develop Blockchain Solution For Forestry Transparency (10/03/18)

According to the Block Tribune (Fernandina Beach, Fla. USA) in a Sept. 25, 2018 report, Spain’s Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPAMA) recently created an operating group focused on improving the traceability and efficiency of the wood supply using blockchain technology.

Called ChainWood, the operating group is comprised of eight partners from different Spanish regions, including Galicia, the Community of Madrid, Andalusia, Castilla y León, and Asturias. The group was funded by MAPAMA, the Directorate General for Development Rural and Forest Policy, and the General State Administration.

ChainWood aims to solve the limitations presented by the different wood supply chains in Spain, which makes it difficult to modernize and improve efficiency and access to information. ChainWood has already held working meetings in Santiago de Compostela and Madrid to develop a cloud-based software that will apply blockchain, big data, and machine learning to improve the transparency and flow of information throughout the supply chain.

Once the software is developed, ChainWood will conduct pilot experiments in Castilla y León (poplar), Asturias (chestnut) and Galicia (oak). The ultimate goal is to apply the solution to all the products from the forest industry (solid wood, disintegration, cellulose pulp and biomass) and reduce costs for all actors.

"The advantages of the solution are many for each of the actors," the release said. "For example, producers will have more transparent access to the market to receive the best offers, guarantees on the volume of product and information in real time on the status of the product, the operating companies will be able to access the market more efficiently, obtain the best logistic services, obtain the best price for their products or services."