Division and Committee Pages

We have gotten this memo lately that our Division and Committee pages aren’t up to par and we totally agree, that is why we have been endlessly working to improve them. As they are now, there is actually no committee information on these pages. Well that doesn’t make much sense now does it? Just throwing this out there but that is probably the place I would look to find the committee information I needed. Oh I don’t know maybe because the site tells me it is going to be there.

Well all this second guessing is about to change. We are compiling all the information we need so that any and every committee will have its place under the division and committee tab. This committee information will be located on the corresponding division page in a listing and link you directly to your TAPPI Connect committee page where all things committee can be discussed.

Oh the wonderful TAPPI Connect…that’s another topic I will hit on, but we will keep this strictly about those Division and Committee pages. Those pages that are going to be exactly what you are looking for by the end of it. So first things first, there WILL be committee information on these pages in the near future. How mean of us to give you false hope before, but no more.

Interested in a division? Well we are now making it clear on how you can actually become more involved in that division instead of leaving you lost in translation. Ever read this on the Division and Committee overview page:

Our Technical Divisions target specific segments of our industry. Each Division and its corresponding Technical Committees work to share knowledge and provide solutions for the industry through a variety of products, services, and opportunities including publications, events, and online discussions.

Well this is the information you are going to be getting. Right in front of your eyes. It’s going to be like magic. These updates are in the works so everyone put this on your calendars, TBA. It’s going to be monumental.