Make Your Opinion Count

“Social Networking is like dating - you have to build a connection/relationship first before starting to push your product onto someone.” ~ Peg Fitzpatrick

I ran directly into this quote in Arlington, Virginia this past week and it was a slap in the face literally and figuratively.

If you’ve been on TAPPI Connect recently or ever for that matter then you have seen my face once, twice or fifty six times. I am the community manager of TAPPI Connect and I want everyone to enjoy the platform as well as learn and have a good user experience with it.

I have learned this past week however that I have not formally asked you all what you would like to see more of on Connect.

I want to be able to post things that are relevant, fun and helpful to you. So with that being said the TAPPI Connect team of managers will be working on a survey for you to get warmed up, acclimated and introduced to Connect.

I would also love to hear how and why you got involved in your particular industry or field.

Just some sort of an introduction post so everyone will feel more comfortable before diving right in. I know I am not the cannonball right in type. I am more of the one toe at a time kind of person so no matter your personality or whether you are brand new or one of the most active members that we greatly appreciate we want to know what you want to get out of our whole social networking thing called TAPPI Connect.

Connect should make your job easier by staying in the loop, ahead of the curve and as a way to relax and burn some steam so we want to hear from you. As you know it’s all about you.

I believe we all have that little voice inside that says “LOOK AT ME” and now you have a place to give your input, advice or ask questions.

Whether you are a mentor on the site or a mentee there is a place for you, but first we all have to get our bearings about ourselves and pretend we are on a first date with TAPPI Connect.

We’ve got to get to know each other a little bit before we become official.

Stay on the lookout for the new survey and discussion posts.

I know thinking you can make everyone happy is not a pragmatic approach but I am sure going to try, all I want to do is make sure that TAPPI Connect is a place for you to go to discuss technical matters, ask and answer questions, upload your works but also have fun with valuable and engaging content from me and all others.

Tell me what you think on TAPPI Connect, Join TAPPI on Facebook, TAPPITWEETS on Twitter, or TAPPI Member Group on Linkedin.