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So you might have noticed that a few things have been changing on our website. Or more than likely you have noticed that a ton of things have been shifting and taking on new looks around here. This is all to help you navigate more easily and have an all-around better experience as you peruse We now have a tab under Publication and Standards that tells you the most recent recommended reads. These books are specifically chosen to show what’s hot right now and they are even endorsed by industry experts to help you get a better sense of what you would get out of reading them. We want you to be able to find the books you want, to keep you in the loop and on top of your game. TAPPI Press offers some of the most in-depth resources and references for the forest products and related industries. See what industry experts have to say about some of these publications and if you want to get your hands on them while they are on the recommended reads list.

Check them out here.

TAPPI's most eligible books