TAPPI Connect 'How To' Video Series

All the dots have finally connected for TAPPI Connect…..

Now that my joke for the day is out of the way, let’s move on to the important stuff. Today is the day, TAPPI Connect is fully launched, 100 percent available to you.

Feeling a little stumped when starting Connect? Visit the recently available ‘How To’ Series. Any question that you may have about setting up your account, or performing other tasks can be answered in a few short videos.

If there is a question or concern that you have with Connect or TAPPI.org you can also post within the TAPPI Help section. This is our support community in the top right hand corner of Connect homepage. If you have any issues don't be afraid to post here for support and answers. TAPPI staff and members alike are happy to assist you with any problems you may have. Additionally, the help community library will be populated with helpful tips and how-to's for Connect usage.

TAPPI Help is also an area for suggestions or ideas you may have regarding the new Connect platform. We highly value member input, so give us what you got. Connect is for you and we are looking forward to all the participation and continually improving your experience.

Being social is never ending around here. Tell us what you think on our social media at Join TAPPI on Facebook, TAPPITWEETS on Twitter or TAPPI Member Group on Linkedin.

Or even better let us know at TAPPI Connect!